Thursday, 18 November 2010

Folk on Friday

Its Friday tomorrow and I had a choice of going to a Winter Wonderland celebration which is effectively our works Christmas Celebration or going to Crystal Folk Club.

Crystal Folk Club won the toss as they say. It will be disco music at the Winter Wonderland thing and last year it nearly deafened me.

I had looked at singing a song written by Stephen Foster called Hard Times but having tried it we think it needs a little more work on it along with the Bob Dylan number we are working on.

We will be singing two songs tomorrow night - one concerns a fishmonger in Dublin and the other was song by Brian and Michael who were also know as Burke and Jerk.

I have not given the titles and wonder if anyone will come back with suggestions of what the two songs are called (Perhaps Richard Hall might be the man to answer this one)


Richard Hall said...

'Molly Malone' is the only one that springs to mind for the first. 'Matchstalk men & Matchstalk cats & dogs' for the second?

Fat Prophet said...

Well done young man! We have just practised them again and they are definitely on.
I am going to ask one of the guys if I can use his keyboard next week so we can do hard times and the Dylan number.

Richard Hall said...

Hope you've had a good night at the club

Fat Prophet said...

Certainly have Richard thanks - just got back from three hours of music and mirth with a great bunch of folks.