Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Israel and the Methodist Church.

I have said to myself that I would not get involved in the debates that are going on around this issue but as I continue to read the various blogs and comments I have begun to wonder about something in a sense quite fundamental.

My question is 'How many ordinary Methodists know what the official Methodist position is on this topic?' (Or any other topic for that matter)
This probably leads to another range of questions such as 'will the majority of our folk even be interested?' You can't even get them to cross the circuit to attend circuit events so what chance of them taking an interest in global issues?

It may be too that some of our folk would say it's the other side of the world it doesn't concern me! Why do we have to interfere in other people's business? Will it make any difference? What are the government doing?

Whatever we might think or not think it seems that this particular debate could continue for some time to come.


Methodist Preacher said...

Wise words from the prophet.

I've now spoken to both Methodists and Jews all over the country and it is clear that the denomination as a whole doesn't really know what is being said and done in our name. Many Jews have told me of their encounters with Methodists at a local level and are surprised with how unenthusiasitc we are.

Personally I just want to get on with sorting out the roof and serving our deprived local community.

PamBG said...

Personally I just want to get on with sorting out the roof and serving our deprived local community.

Personally, I need to get on with my job which is very demanding at the moment. Which is why I'm not posting or blogging very much.

David, on the other hand, you have taken and continue to take great pains to misrepresent the Methodist Church at every opportunity. Including going to the national press threatening a lawsuit and continuing to energetically post misrepresenting posts on your blog.

I'll believe that you don't want to blog and just get on with serving the deprived local community when I see it.