Sunday, 11 November 2012

Book Review–No Place Like Holmes by Jason Lethcoe

I wasn’t sure when I chose this book how it would be – as a fan of Sherlock Holmes and the writing of Conan Doyle  I was unsure if I would like this book. I have to say that while the writing was not quite Conan Doyle I found this a thoroughly enjoyable read.
The storyline was very believable, it included mention of Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty as well as Moriarty’s nephew and featured the rivalry between Rupert Snodgrass and Sherlock who both lived at 221 Baker Street. Also featured was Griffin Sharpe the nephew of Rupert Snodgrass and in some sense the hero of the story although it could be argued that Rupert was also a hero in his own right.
There are lots of wonderful inventions in the story and most of them were called the Snodgrass ……… Rupert obviously wanted to try to make his name as a great detective but if he could not as a great inventor of marvellous mechanical devices.
Essentially the story is about a watchmaker called Frederick Dent who goes missing after being swallowed by a dreadful monster that came out of the River Thames and according to one eye witness resembled the Loch Ness Monster – I have to admit that from this point on I was hooked.
I think that Jason Lethcoe did a very good job here because despite my initial doubts I was soon persuaded that here was a story I could enjoy and enjoy I did – in fact I enjoyed it that much I am going to buy the next book in the series so I can see what happens to Griffin and Rupert as they continue to fight crime in old time London (and elsewhere).
Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own