Friday, 19 November 2010

Is it safe?

I have to admit to finding my self wholeheartedly in agreement with Methodist Preacher on a topic he has posted on today. (I hope nobody holds it against me.

I like him can not stand the tripe that is served up in the name of entertainment under the heading of Children in Need!

I have no problem with the concept of raising money for worthy causes and do quite like Sir Terry but having watched about five minutes of it I can no stand any more - I am glad it is nearly time to go out to the Crystal Folk Club at the Liberal Club in Blackheath.

If it runs true to form we will have around 20 artistes and will hear about 40 songs in good company.

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Richard Hall said...

"Is it safe?" is, for me, still one of the most chilling lines of any film I've ever seen. And it still comes unbidden every time I sit in a dentist's chair.