Tuesday, 6 October 2009

What does Clarkson know?

I was interested to read in our local paper a couple of days ago that Wednesbury had been looking for a Vicar for Saint Bart's for two years now and there had been very little interest. I have to be honest it is not a church that from a building perspective would attract me, although the picture here looks quite good, but Anita Singh writing in the Daily Telegraph on Saturday relates the thoughts of Jeremy Clarkson on Wednesbury and according to the article has raised the 'wrath' of the good folk of Wednesbury!
I would suggest that he is very careful if he ever travels into or through Wednesbury! Remember what they did to John Wesley when he visited there - stoning and rioting was the order of the day!,And he was bringing Good News!
I have to say I love the comment from a local councillor who says that Clarkson has little or no taste - my sentiments exactly.


Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Them Wednesbury folk is very territorial, bein black contra folk they is da salt oh the earth but yo beta watch it when yo nok their town, Yo no some on em wont even goo to west brom. So this Clarkson bloke aint gona be to popla is he.

Fat Prophet said...

Yo'm right aer kid they con be right occurd if they'm rattled. Yo know they might even set the odd cockrell on 'im as they used ter ave cock fighting in good old Wedgebury.