Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Not quite the last post!

Well I was ever so slightly wrong yesterday when I suggested I may not post for a while, but then was it just a ruse to make sure you check the site out? Of course it wasn't! I really was thinking my marking would arrive yesterday and it would be all hands to the pumps so to speak. I normally have seven peoples work to mark so there are four assignments each, a worship portfolio and two exegeses, and of course I work full time and wear a number of hats in respect of church and have a life which includes trying to write fascinating items for this blog and complete my book 'A Bang or a Whimper' which is now at the final proofreading stage before going off to be printed. It is 155 pages of my reminiscences from when I were a lad in Hill Top, West Bromwich and I am hoping to keep the price down to £5 a copy. My son is currently working on the cover so I am hoping to get this off to the printers this week. I will keep you updated dear reader!!


Methodist Preacher said...

Put me down for a signed copy. I especially enjoy book launch parties. It is like going to a funeral but having the centre of attention actually present.

Fat Prophet said...

Perhaps we could do a swop? I am not sure that the centre of attraction is not present at a funeral!!