Sunday, 4 October 2009

Last Post - possibly

Just thought an update may be helpful - my marking didn't arrive yesterday although I had received an email from the Discipleship and Ministry cluster saying they were hoping to post them on Friday with an hope they would arrive yesterday or tomorrow.
I am expecting they may be with me tomorrow so this may be the last post for a day or two but who knows I may still get the odd one in.
I would rather not go off line so to speak at the moment as there seems to be very little going on in the Methodist blogging group with most of the regulars posting very sporadically (one for Kim at connexions - although I am not sure if he reads my blog. I know its the start of the new Methodist year but as far as I am aware most of the regulars have not moved station so I would have hoped they would have posted a little more regularly - still me and Methodist Preacher seem to be keeping the flag flying reasonably and who knows I might manage some blogs during the next couple of weeks in between marking.

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