Thursday, 1 October 2009

A very nice man........

No I'm not advertising the AA!!
I pooped into the pink elephant in West Bromwich today to the event to mark the International Day of Older People having been loosely invited by Bob the Black Country Brummie.
It was an interesting visit on a number of fronts, firstly it gave me a chance to see what the Public was really like and I have to say I thought it was a very nice building and I can see it has some potential - I found the 'Golden Mile' display interesting and spent some time having a look at that and trying to identify where relevant bits of it were in the stretch from Carters Green to Dartmouth Square.
I then had a look around the various displays which were very interesting but for people a tad older than I am (still the right side of 60 after all).
I was looking round upstairs and paid particular attention to two stands one being a health related stand and the other the University of the Third Age where I thought I might spot one of my readers and commenters. I looked at the bloke on the first stall and there was some resemblance to the picture on the persons blog - his hair was grey, receding slightly and he wore glasses! I then popped across to the U3A stall and saw a man there with a name badge on - he was talking to a lady so I went away and looked at some of the other stuff but kept a watch to see when the man was free. I then went over and asked if the gentleman was the Black Country Brummie' and met with the response 'Fat Prophet'.
I spent an enjoyable half an hour or so talking to him and his wife and it was good to both meet him and her and share a laugh about the mouth wash post on his blog the other day.
Watch out Methodist Preacher - you could be next!!!!


Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Thanks for coming FP it was good to meet you

Methodist Preacher said...

Time we met!