Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Blogging feast or blogging famine

The heading of this post suggests two possibilities and those reasonably regular visitors to this blog might think I have gone even madder than I normally am. As you will see I have posted vestry prayers for the next four weeks and this post so five in one day seems like a feast - I would say that there will be a further prayer in the next day or two for the 25th October which some churches may be celebrating as Bible Sunday.
Now to the famine which will not last for seven years (I hope) but rather for two or three weeks as I expect to receive a number of assignments to mark in the next few days and these will take up much of my spare time. on top of this I am putting the finishing touches to a book I have been writing very sporadically over the last two years and would like to get into print to give to some of my friends as a Christmas present (lucky people). This one is not another book of vestry prayers but memories of my childhood in Hill Top, West Bromwich.
I trust my readers will bear with me and I will try to post during the next few weeks if I am able.


Methodist Preacher said...

If you need books for Christmas present I've got a whole loft full of my one and only published tome.

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Good luck with the book.