Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Vestry prayer for October 25th Ordinary 30

Ordinary 30.
Readings: Mark 10 v 46-52; Psalm 34 v 1-8 & 19 – 22;
Heb 7 v 23-28; Job 42 v 1-6 & 10-17.

Jesus Son of David have mercy on us as we gather today for our act of worship.
As we sing, pray and read may it be that we will not be fearful because you are at work in our lives.
May we have the faith of Blind Bartimaeus as we gather today. Open our spiritual eyes and ears and help us to see and hear you in our time of fellowship today.
Bless your servant N and take us from here rejoicing because of our fellowship with one another and more importantly with You. Amen.

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