Sunday, 23 March 2008

Easter Joy.

Thought I should post something as it has been a couple of weeks now and I really have to say this last week has been an interesting one. As with many other Christians I have been to a number of services/events including one event I have never been to before.
My week started last week when I preached at a united service at St Johns in Walsall after which the Vicar invited us to join them for their Maundy Thursday service and supper. We went to this and I have to say I was a little worried when I saw on the order of service 'feet washing'! I hadn't realised they did this and was a little perturbed as my feet sweat profusely and by late evening are not very pleasant - I needn't have worried the feet washing was optional, but the service was very good and brought home to me something I had never took much notice of and that was the fact that Jesus had washed the disciples feet.
On Friday I joined a large crowd for the walking the way of the cross in Walsall which was a marvellous re-enactment of the last few hours of Jesus' life - a better sound system would have been better as I heardly heard a thing the preacher said. On Friday evening it was back to my own church for a Good Friday service where the new Vicar of St John's (Rev Gennie Evans) preached. A very moving service!
This morning I went out in the white Easter that Methodist Preacher mentioned on his blog to meet with a number of folk for a dawn communion service on Barr Beacon - this is the first time I have had snowy bread with my communion.
Later this morning I led worship at Aldridge Methodist Church and we sang some great Easter hymns - the children shared with us and did an excellent prayer.
Tonight I am going to lead worship at Bethel in Wolverhampton which is a Wesleyan Reform Union church.
He is risen indeed Alleluia.

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