Sunday, 30 March 2008

Greetings your Reverence.

I have just been reading a piece on Methodist Preachers blog about a minister who after three years of being know in one way has now told people she wishes to be known as 'Reverend'. It's a good job I am not in that circuit or I would have to be very naughty and greet her using the term 'Greetings Your Reverence'. It strikes me that there is a bit of pomposity here and I don't believe that Jesus ever intended the church to be filled with pomposity and while I realise how much hard work goes into obtaining some titles etc. it still seems a bit much to me.
I am entitled to have letters after my name and do use them on the plan but only because when I first came to the circuit as a visiting preacher I got the feeling that because I 'spake proper' (Black Country Vernacular) that some people thought I was thick and this was a way of showing I wasn't - I am also entitled to wear a cap and gown and have threatened to turn up at church in my batman look alike outfit but wouldn't really as I would not want to appear to be bragging.
I really do dislike being called 'Mr Southall' and even in the workplace when customers call me 'Mister' I always ask them to call me Ian as after all that is my given name.

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