Thursday, 22 November 2007

Prize Giving!

Well I went to the prize giving and unfortunately my wife could not join me as she was at work - when I went to pick her up she asked me how it had been and I had to say 'interesting'.
Before the event started one of the pupils was 'playing' the piano and I have to say I have heard piano tuners making a more melodious sound (if you have heard this you will understand exactly what I mean). We then had an opening prayer from the school chaplain followed by a musical interlude by some of the pupils which sounded like some of the stuff Mahler and Smetana used to compose which I hated listening to when I was at school.
The headteachers speech appeared to be read from a script - I had hoped he could have done a speech without being so obviously reading.
We then had the presentation of some of the certificates and prizes and it was really good to see so many young people who had achieved a great deal. We then had a dance item which I am sure was very good but I could not see much of it from where I was sitting. The second half of the presentation then took place followed by a speech from the Mayor - I am not really sure what he was trying to say - a point I heard echoed by one or two others on the way out - however in fairness to him it was unscripted and only about 8 minutes in length.
I particularly enjoyed the Chair of Governors speech which was about 60 words and very short.
I have just realised as I have read this I am starting to sound like a grumpy old man and in the words of the classic grumpy old man 'I don't believe it'.

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