Thursday, 22 November 2007

Thank You!!

Just a little note to thank one of my readers who emailed me this morning to ask what had happened to the blogging and I had to say that I had not really been too inspired to blog anything recently and quite often other people have said stuff on their blogs that I may have been thinking.
I really do not want to be thought of as jumping on to other peoples bandwagons - sometimes I comment on other blogs and feel a bit like a poor relation, particularly where the other comments are very in depth and complex and mine are usually much more 'lightweight'. Perhaps I have the wrong ideas about blogging - perhaps I thought I was going to be a 'best selling blogger' with hundreds of readers making lots of comments - perhaps I didn't really appreciate that blogging can also be a lonely existence - seems there is much to think about in this blog.
Got to go now as I am going to my daughters school prizegiving where the guset speaker is the Mayor of Walsall Councillor Melvin Pitt - may have something to blog later relating to this event.

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