Sunday, 25 November 2007

Christ the King!!

It's been a busy weekend but so far a pretty good one. Yesterday at our church we had a 'Potatoes and Praise' event (it started off as Pizza but lots of folk didn't like pizza) which consisted of some hymn singing and a buffet meal which included Jacket potatoes. I suppose when I say some hymn singing I should really say SOME! We sang a grand total of 34 hymns with some great and interesting ones as you can imagine, although I was surprised that And can it be, Blessed Assurance and Dear Lord and Father of mankind didn't make it. Some of the hymns that did were 'All to Jesus I surrender,' How lovely on the mountains are the feet of him,' 'How Great thou art,' 'Thine be the Glory' 'Years I spent in vanity and pride,' 'In Christ alone,' 'O brother man (1933 Methodist Hymn Book) sung to Londonderry Air - marvellous words to a great tune! We also sang a hymn I haven't sung for absolutely ages - 'There's a light upon the mountains' and Just as I am to the tune Saffron Walden which I had never heard before - I have to say I much prefer it to the tune Woodworth or even Misericorda.
This morning I led worship at Bentley Methodist Church and took the theme of Christ the King as this is Christ the King Sunday. I always feel a little disappointed that the Methodist Church do not seem to take this particular Sunday on board and on many of the plans I have seen this particular Sunday is often referred to as 'Sunday before Advent' - while I know this is right it always seems to set it up as some sort of anti climax Sunday when in reality it can be a real celebration of the gospel Sunday.
This evening we have a double celebration as we have a service of recognition for a new local preacher and the presentation of a certificate to one of our preachers who has achieved 50 years on full plan. I mentioned it at Bentley this morning and said it was a case of the new and the not so new - didn't want to say old!
Well better get off as I want re-type the letter from the President (bigger print for easier reading) ready for this evening as I will be reading it out in the service.

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