Sunday, 9 December 2007

Christmas! Bah Humbug!

No not really - just wanted to attract attention! I have just read an interesting blog on Turbulent Clerics blog about nurses having to move beds - it is really interesting but it reminded me of something that happened where I work a couple of years ago. I should explain that our workforce is quite mixed and we have colleagues from a number of religions including, Sikh, Hindu and Islam. A suggestion was made that we have a Christmas Carol event as part of our office Christmas celebrations and straight away I thought this could be a bit dodgy and might cause offence to our colleagues from other religions. I went round and spoke to every colleague in individually and asked what they thought of this idea ands they all said they were happy for it to take place and so it was arranged.
I found it quite interesting on the day that the people who joined in the most fervently were the colleagues from other religions - I just wonder if sometimes we get too worried about causing offence when in actual fact it is often not the ordinary adherents to a particular religion who might be offended but rather the Political Correctness and Race Relations industry - if there were no unrest and we all lived together in harmony they would be out of a job - dare I suggest that sometimes they stir up issues to keep themselves in a job!

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