Monday, 11 June 2007


Here we go my first why? Why do children scream so much - when I was a lad (during the 1960's) the only time you heard a child scream was if they were in real trouble or getting a good hiding for something they had done. These days children seem to scream constantly - do they not realise that thsi has led to people taking no notice when they hear a scream which means if they were in real trouble no one would know!
I was going to say answers on a postcard - but I would prefer comments via this blog - look foward to hearing from you, especially if you can answer the question!

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DaveW said...

Today 2 girls stepped into the road then noticed a cyclist coming down the hill and so started screaming, they then jumped over to the other side of the road right in front of me cycling up the hill.

Still screaming they went onto the pavement.

Nobody hit them, they did not loom at all at either of us. Instead they may have caused permanent hearing damage to 2 cyclists.

No I have no idea why they do it. It is nearly enough to make you give up pacifism :-)