Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Why 2

As I travel around taking appointments at various churches I often wonder about the taking up of the offering and I have a really big why about it.
Why do some churches stand when the offering is brought forward and others sit? The only answer I ever got to this question was at Walsall Central Hall where the organist told me it was so she knew when to stop playing. Any readers wish to offer a view?


Methodist Preacher said...

At City Road Methodist Church standing was conciously introduced in the early 50s when the church finally realised it was within sight of paying its huge debt that had been outstanding since the turn of the century. Still having differing traditions does make united and eucumentical services a bit more fun. On Good Friday the local Anglicans stand as the clergy come in, the methodist carry on chatting!

DaveH said...

We sit normally, unless of course the collection is taken during the last hymn / song. There is no reason for this as far as I can see, I certainly have never heard any grumbles, (and believe me, some grumble about anything), from any of our Church family.
This brings up a great point about offerings. In most Methodist Churches money seems to be a bit of a taboo subject and we tend to treat the collection almost reverentialy, never really talking about money. There is a great Church, can't remember which, that teaches well on what the bible says about money, then leaves out 'Joy plates' for people to put their contribution on. This is usually met with a cheer and then a joyous song. I thought that was a great attitude to money and giving and a world away from the way Methodist churches treat the subject......Why?