Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Makes you think!

Been to singing practice tonight and I chose a song to practice that had another song on the same piece of paper and the pianist said could we have a go at the other one as well. I looked at it and then asked her to play it through. I then told the group that I had learned this song on Sunday morning when I was at Bethesda Chapel and the pianist said she had been thinking about the other song before coming to practice but didn't know why. I remember someone saying years ago they didn't believe in coincidence but believed in God's incidence - surely this is one of those occasions where God has moved in a mysterious way.
Didn't post last night but put a comment on the blog of methodistpreacher.com who was talking about gambling and suggesting a sensible tabloid or even the Methodist Recorder might take it up - said I thought sensible tabloid and the recorder were an oxymoron. Whoops nearly controversial there again!

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A Pianist said...

I am convinced you were meant to choose that one !