Thursday, 28 June 2007

Laugh! I neraly fell off my chair.

I was tempted to quote Victor Meldrew and say 'I don't believe it!' This description appeared in a certain weekly newspaper today 'The_____ ______ still remains great value for money. Filled with news, features and resources, it is essential reading for every Methodist, keeping you informed and helping you in your Christyian life in both church and community'. This was after telling us that it is going up in price by 20pence from next week to the princely sum of £1-30 which apprently is good value compared to similar publications. There are 24 pages in this weeks recorder which would equate to 5.4 pence a page. It would have been interesing to do a full comparison by telling us how many pages the other publications have in them.
I may have to think seriousl if I still take the Recorder and I suspect there may be other who will be thinking the same!


Methodist Preacher said...

Well one reason for buying the Recorder is the very useful reminder of the lectionary, published 10 days in advance. It used to be more useful when it also listed the readings for the following week - those preachers who lead busy lives often have to delay writing their sermons till the Thursday of Friday beforehand, by which time the previous weeks Recorder is on its way to a landfill site somewhere north of Walsall. I now publish the entire months lectionary on my site - even giving the dates (so you don't have to work out all the Year C busines) - I get lots of hits from methodists googling the lectionary. Once the Methodist does that little jopb on their website, I think the Recorder will quickly shrink to an online edition.

Methodist Worship Leader said...

I like this one better :P

babs said...

I'm a first time reader of your blog page and should be in Church. I was there this morning and I took a young neighbour along with me for the first time. (2 first times)however I have slept all afternoon. I musn't beat myself up for being tired and missing a service.I stopped having the Recorder last year because I didn't feel that I was getting enough out of it for the cost-yes the publication of the lectionary readings was handy but the notes on the readings were a week too late.Must get back to sleep. Local preacher on trial.