Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Emotive language

I am often amazed by the emotive language that is sometimes used on the various blogs I read but then I recognise that some of my fellow bloggers are quite passionate about the items they blog about and can understand it. I also realise that one lot of emotive language will often generate some more, especially where folk have opposing views.
Much is being said at the moment about a paper that is going to the Methodist Council and it has generated much comment in a number of places including South Africa on Steve Jones' blog.

I have read the report and can see that it is very much the sort of policy my employer has for staff and we subscribe to without any difficulty at all, I think too that the important thing here may be that it is for paid employees of the church more than rank and file members. I do wonder how you could possibly police or enforce these guidelines should they become rules and while people may say they are just guidelines there is always that possibility especially if they are being interpreted by a jobsworth!

I have noted the questions that were asked over on Connexions of Toby Scott from the communications office and was interested to read that he checks 20 Methodist blogs each day and wonder who they all are as I have never been able to find that many British Methodist blogs - perhaps readers might be able to point me in the right direction as I would like to widen my reading. Toby also says he is glad that no one said John Wesley would be using blogs and other social networking sites but I am not sure why as I believe John Wesley would use the tools that were available and appropriate for spreading the gospel and there are many tools that we ignore almost at our peril.

I suppose this discussion will continue for a while and will continue to watch it with great interest.

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