Friday, 11 December 2009

Christmas is coming 2

Well folks as my daughter told me yesterday there were only 15 days to Christmas which of course is now down to 14 days.
I have noticed an upsurge in all things to do with Christmas as we approach the big day and I have to say quite unashamedly that I have been listening to carols in the car all this week but they are carols with a difference - let me explain. On Sunday our morning service was taken by Reverend Richard Jordan who works in the Derby Diocese of the Church of England and he said he had a CD which had been produced as part of the Bishop of Derby's appeal for the Church of North India which focuses on giving new life to mothers and children and it was essentially an album of carols with a very rocky feel to them. My wife looked across to where I was sitting at the organ and mouthed did we want one and I nodded yes. Well we put it on in the car on the way home and I have to say the music started and I thought I might not like this but I stayed with it and haven't listened to anything else all week.
There are 14 carols including 'Angels from the realms of glory', 'Joy to the world','See amid the winters snow', and 'Hark the herald angels sing' all played in an extremely interesting and refreshing way while still maintaining a high degree of singability.
The music is performed by a band called 'Fire Fly' and according to my son their other music is very rocky (in the musical sense).
Well worth the ten pounds it cost and a good cause to support as well - if you want a Christmas album that is different and yet appealing this may well be the one!
For more information go here. or if you want to listen go here.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Vestry Prayer Advent 2 year 'C'

Lord God our loving Father as we come to worship you on this second Sunday in advent we pray for this time of worship. We ask Lord that you make a way for us today to worship you as the living God with our hearts and minds fully concentrated on you and the things of the kingdom.
We pray for for our brother/sister N.... this morning and ask that as they have prepared to lead us in worship this morning we might respond by those who heard John the Baptist as he made a way for your arrival.
We pray Lord for your presence a blessing to be with each on of us this day and give you all the thanks and praise for you alone are worthy. Amen.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Book update - audio version available now!!

Well dear reader(s)I am happy to announce that there is now an audio version of my book available, read by yours truly and consisting of 3 cd's which last 2 hours 49 minutes. I am hoping that this will enable more people to access the book and enjoy reading my memories - certainly there has been some positive feedback from many who have bought it. I am hoping for more feedback from some of those who have bought it but are keeping it to read over the Christmas break.

I have given a test copy to a colleague who travels some distance to work each day and listens to talking books as she does so I thought she might be a good guinea pig, and I have a copy in my car which I am listening to as I travel to and from work etc.
Although I say it myself I think it is a very professional effort considering it was recorded and edited in our front room and my son's bedroom - he has also produced a very good cover for the cd boxes and again I have to be honest it looks very professional so many thanks to him for the work he has done on this project.

Now it may be that you are sitting there thinking if this is so professional what is it going to cost and the simple answer is £10 plus post and packing of £3 so a total cost of £13 - obviously if you know me well and live fairly near you could avoid the postage costs.

The paper copy of the book is still available and I am expecting a further batch today having sold the first two batches I ordered and this can be obtained for £7 plus post and packing.

A review of the book can be found over at Methodist Preacher's blog.

If you want more information please contact me.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Christmas carols what's yours?

There is an interesting thread going on over at facebook in respect of favourite carols as one of our on note local preachers has asked people what their favourite carols are as she might us them in a service she is involved in.
The question has taken us to discuss the merits of the two better known tunes for O Little Town of Bethlehem which are the original tune St Louis used more in the USA and Forest Green used more in Britain. Personally I prefer the original tune and might be tempted to use that in one of the three carol events I am planning. I also am very tempted to sing While Shepherds watched to the tune of On Ilkley Moor Bah Tat instead of the insipid Winchester New it is usually sung to or of course for purists you could sing it to Lyngham (O for a thousand tongues).

Any way here's a question for you dear reader - What's your favourite carol??