Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Somebody asked me

I have received an email today from one of my readers who are not on facebook asking if I could tell you more about the 30 day hymn challenge I mentioned a couple of days ago.
Essentially it is something I set up having done the 30 day song challenge on facebook. There are a list of things to choose hymns for and I have attached the list below if any of you want to have a go at it. One of the beauties of facebook is that I am able to post video versions of the hymns that I choose so in a sense it can be a type of witness as well.

This is the list of hymns.
Day 1 Favourite Easter hymn
day 2 Favourite hymn of all
Day 3 Least favourite hymn
Day 4 Your choice of hymn for a wedding
Day 5 Your choice of hymn for funeral
Day 6 your choice of hymn for a Baptism
Day 7 Your favourite Pentecost hymn
Day 8 Your favourite harvest hymn
Day 9 your favourite advent hymn
Day 10 your favourite Christmas hymn or carol
Day 11 A hymn that makes you happy
Day 12 A hymn that challenges you
Day 13 A hymn that comforts you
Day 14 A hymn that you could sing without a hymn book
Day 15 A hymn you learnt at normal school
Day 16 A hymn you learnt at Sunday School
Day 17 A hymn that reminds you of a place
Day 18 A hymn that reminds you of a person
Day 19 A hymn that reminds you of an important event
Day 20 Your favourite hymn at school
Day 21 A hymn you like to listen to when you are sad
Day 22 A hymn you like to listen to when you are angry
Day 23 A hymn your mother taught you or sang to you
Day 24 A hymn you used to like but don't now
Day 25 A hymn you would like to sing with a big choir
Day 26 A hymn you would like to sing as a duet with a famous singer
Day 27 A hymn you wish you had written (Words)
Day 28 A hymn you wish you had written (Music)
Day 29 A hymn that makes you feel like dancing (or at least tapping your feet)
Day 30 A hymn that fills you with joy.

Choices can be any hymn, song or chorus.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Hymn from Fanny J Crosby

He is Risen! Alleluia!

A hymn by Fanny Crosby that fits today well and with a rousing tune too. (Too hear it pop across to here
Christ hath risen! Hallelujah!
Blessèd morn of life and light!
Lo, the grave is rent asunder,
Death is conquered through His might.


Christ is risen! Hallelujah!
Gladness fills the world today;
From the tomb that could not hold Him,
See, the stone is rolled away!

Christ hath risen! Hallelujah!
Friends of Jesus, dry your tears;
Through the veil of gloom and darkness,
Lo, the Son of God appears!


Christ hath risen! Hallelujah!
He hath risen, as He said;
He is now the King of glory,
And our great exalted Head.


Saturday, 23 April 2011

What's going on?

Just popped on to let you know I am in the middle of marking ten peoples work for the Faith and Worship course and expecting some more next week from people who have re-submitted work.

I have been trying to balance lots of things but the blogging has not really been a priority however I have popped on this morning to mention three things to readers.

1. If you live anywhere near Walsall there is an early morning communion service on Barr Beacon (local beauty spot) at 5-45 a.n. tomorrow morning (easter Sunday)

2. If you are on Facebook check out the 30 day hymn challenge - just type 30 day in the search box and you should find it without too much problem.

3. May I take this opportunity to wish all my readers a very happy Easter.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Expecting a parcel

As it says above I am expecting a parcel today with a number of people's assignments for the Faith and Worship course.
Please pray for those who have submitted work for marking as they have to wait until the end of May to hear how they have done and please pray for those of us marking the work.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Hymn for Today

Here is today's hymn by Fanny J Crosby.

Sing, my soul! proclaim the holy rapture
Bursting now from every chord of thine;
Angel choirs, their highest numbers waking,
Never told the bliss of a joy like mine.


Saved and redeemed, thro’ simple faith in Jesus!
Now I am His, and He abides in me;
Saved and redeemed! Oh, shout aloud the story;
Hid with Him forevermore my life shall be.

Sing, my soul! the Rock whereon thou standest,
Firm, unmoved, thy anchored hope shall keep;
He, thy Lord, still walking on the billow,
Calms the troubled wave like a child to sleep.


Hark, my soul! from distant realms eternal,
Borne in light on faith’s celestial wing,
Love’s glad songs to thee are gently wafted,
Songs that by and by thou wilt learn to sing.


Look, my soul! the morrow’s dawn is breaking;
Hail, oh, hail, thy heav’n on earth begun!
He, the Lord, such heights of joy revealing,
Holds the blessèd crown that will soon be won.