Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Onesie? No-sie!!

I am at a bit of a loss to see what the attraction of onesies are - they remind me very much of the boiler suits that I used to wear many years ago when I started working at the Patent Shaft Steelworks in Wednesbury. Apart from keeping your own clothes clean I never saw any practical use for boiler suits and going to the toilet was a nightmare as you had to get almost undressed. I have seen a conversation over on facebook about the difficulty of going to the toilet when wearing one.
I also thought they were for wearing in the house for a number of reasons - to keep warm, to be comfortable?, and to kill passion as I am sure they would work very well in that respect.

I was in town the other day and could not believe my eyes when a girl who was possibly late teens came walking up the main street wearing a onesie and getting lots of strange looks from the people she passed - mind you the outfit was topped with one of those woolie hats with flaps on in a totally different design and colour.
I would not be seen dead in one and have warned my wife that if she dared to get one for me when I am dead I will come back and haunt her.