Monday, 6 January 2014

DIY service and other things

We had a do it yourself service at Church last night and as is often the case people had brought a hymn suggestion or a reading or story and it all fitted together extremely well. Sometimes I wonder whether we ought to be brave and try this at least once a quarter in most of our churches and see how it goes. It would give members a real opportunity to be involved and would keep leaders on their toes.
Afterwards we had refreshments and a number of conversation were going on around the room and the group that I was sitting with were asked by one of the people if we were watching 'The Bible' on channel five. The result was that out of seven people most of us weren't and said that the main reasons were the amount of violence and the level of it in the film - we all know Bible times would have been quite violent - the missing out of some excellent parts of the bible such as the story of Jonah and the fact it was too American.
From my perspective I watched ten minutes and it did nothing for me at all so it was turned off - I wonder what anyone reading this blog might think about the program me and the do it yourself worship idea without actually planning it but just turning up.

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