Saturday, 1 October 2011

Interesting Question

Robert Johnson on the Facebook group 'Worldwide Christians' has posed the following question amd sparked an interesting conversation. I thought readers here might also find it interesting.

Who in your humble opinion, is the greatest preacher of all time? [and no picking the obvious 


It will be interesting to see what readers think on this one so over to you

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Robert said...

I think this is unanswerable. Who's greater; George Whitfield, who apparently preached for 40 hours a week when he was in his prime, and had an enormous impact of a great many people, or someone who preaches great sermons (whatever a 'great sermon' is)every week in their own church? We can't go back and hear them, and even if we could, we'd probably find preaching styles have changed immensely. Who'd give 100 guineas at 18th Century values to be able to say 'Oh' like David Garrett these days?