Tuesday, 4 October 2011

And the best preacher is……..

In the previous post I raised the question that Robert Johnson had put over on facebook. He did get a number of replies and the names there were some I would have expected to find.

I think while it was an interesting question in itself it does prompt another question in my mind and that is ‘what makes a good preacher’? I suppose this might be as subjective as the previous question but I would be interested to see what people think on this one – I might even pop it on facebook as it will the hit a different audience to this page. Please feel free to offer an opinion or comment.


Anonymous said...

I have a treasure "No Man is an Island - A Selection from the Prose of John Donne". His sermons are sublime.

Robert said...

The ability to work with the particular congregation they're preaching to - they're there to serve the church, not the church to serve them - and to communicate whatever's on their hearts. The ability to hear God would be useful, but I wouldn't be so presumptuous as to claim to posses it, and I don't have much patience with anyone who claims any special ability in that area!