Monday, 27 December 2010

It's all over!!

It’s all over – well for another year anyway. Christmas has come and gone and I am sure that before we know where we are next Christmas will be with us. I am convinced at the risk of sounding like my mother that times goes faster as you get older. (I know it can’t but it certainly appears to!)

I imagine that during this week the media and perhaps many of us will start thinking about the year that has gone and the year ahead with some emphasis on what we think the year ahead might bring.

I was sitting here looking at other blogs I read and thought it was perhaps time I did a little bit of maintenance work on this blog. Those who visit regularly may notice some changes during the next few days as I am on holiday until next Tuesday but my wife is working in the morning so I will be looking at this blog and making some adjustments.

It has been a sad year in a number of respects with the loss of two bloggers who were both quite unique in their own ways and were the first blogs I used to check each day. Bob the Black Country Brummie was a tireless campaigner on a number of local issues while Olive Morgan was one of the oldest bloggers I know of – I have kept both of them on my blog for some time now but feel that perhaps the time has come to take the links to their blogs off mine. I noted too the other day that Doorman Priest has decided that his blog has run its course and I would like to thank him for the enjoyment reading his posts have given me – especially when he has been writing about his school and some of the amusing things the pupils have been up to.

I may well remove links to blogs where there have been no posts during the last four months as I really feel whatever I am linking to should be relevant and reasonably up to date.

I have also thought about changing the way I group items together and one idea I had was that anything local would be put in its own category – there are some local links already but there are one or two more I might add.

Finally I need to think through the future direction of this blog – I did mention this a few weeks ago and I have to say that in some senses the original impetus of the blog seems to have waned. I don’t know if I ever really had an aim for the blog or whether I should have. It may be that the style and content has been right for me and for the blog and I am pleased that since it started in June 2007 I had just over 10,000 visitors, given that I wasn’t really sure if anyone would visit other than by accident.

I do occasionally check the statistics and note that there are a number of casual visitors but also that there are a number of regulars to who I say thanks for keep coming back.

Well I think this post is probably long enough so will end here with the old saying ‘Watch this space’.


PamBG said...

Doorman-Priest is now blogging over at "Why do we have to do this, Sir?"

Fat Prophet said...

Thanks Pam I did know this - I will be adding the link to my blog in the next few days.