Friday, 11 December 2009

Christmas is coming 2

Well folks as my daughter told me yesterday there were only 15 days to Christmas which of course is now down to 14 days.
I have noticed an upsurge in all things to do with Christmas as we approach the big day and I have to say quite unashamedly that I have been listening to carols in the car all this week but they are carols with a difference - let me explain. On Sunday our morning service was taken by Reverend Richard Jordan who works in the Derby Diocese of the Church of England and he said he had a CD which had been produced as part of the Bishop of Derby's appeal for the Church of North India which focuses on giving new life to mothers and children and it was essentially an album of carols with a very rocky feel to them. My wife looked across to where I was sitting at the organ and mouthed did we want one and I nodded yes. Well we put it on in the car on the way home and I have to say the music started and I thought I might not like this but I stayed with it and haven't listened to anything else all week.
There are 14 carols including 'Angels from the realms of glory', 'Joy to the world','See amid the winters snow', and 'Hark the herald angels sing' all played in an extremely interesting and refreshing way while still maintaining a high degree of singability.
The music is performed by a band called 'Fire Fly' and according to my son their other music is very rocky (in the musical sense).
Well worth the ten pounds it cost and a good cause to support as well - if you want a Christmas album that is different and yet appealing this may well be the one!
For more information go here. or if you want to listen go here.

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