Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Funeral update

In my last post I mentioned the funeral I was playing at yesterday and thought I should give an update for any who might be interested. The church was almost full to capacity (including the folding chairs we had put out) with many people present who belong to choirs in the area. The singing was absolutely fantastic but as we were limited for time we were not able to have an extra chorus of any of the hymns which is what we often do at Pleck, however when we got to the last hymn (great is thy faithfulness) I really sensed an air of expectation that we would have an extra chorus and thought to myself it is what Iris would have wanted and went for it followed by the assembled folk as one voice.
I thoroughly enjoyed the service (can you enjoy a funeral?) and I think one of the ladies from one of the choirs summed it up when she said I could hear Iris singing every word - I think I could too!


Methodist Preacher said...

I think the best funerals are the ones you enjoy.

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

I think I agree I want people to enjoy mine. I hate funerals and will not attend if I can possibly get out of them. I've often commented that I'm not even going to my own.

PamBG said...

Sounds like a wonderful testimony to Iris' life and yes, I think one can enjoy funerals. Especially of those who have faith in the Lord and extra especially those who have been given a fruitful life on this earth. (Mercifully, the first two funerals I conducted were of an 89 year old and then of a 102 year old!)