Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Christmas is coming!

It's true folks Christmas is coming! I know because last night I joined a local band called 'Wot's next' at their rehearsal to practice some carols with them. They are preparing for a booking at a local church where they want to do a mix of Christmas Songs (Chestnuts roasting etc) and Christmas Carols but it appears their keyboard player is not happy playing the carols so they drafted me in.
I see that there are a lot more lights appearing on houses as well so that must surely be a sign.

My marking is complete and has gone off to London and I hope that in the next few days there will be 14 happy students at least - I do hope they read the comments I have made to encourage them on their journey's to becoming fully accredited.

I have just been on a tour around the blogs I read regularly and I am always quite interested by the vast range of topics that people in the blogosphere are talking about, that's when they do talk of course, and I know I might be told I am not looking at the right blogs as there are some who blog regularly. I really must sit one of these days and look at the list of blogs I read and see if there are some I could remove while at the same time adding some different ones. I think one of the reaons I haven't done this is that I think most of the people who read this blog also read all the others that I do where there may be a whole load of links to a wide variety of blogs. I have on occasion clicked on a link on other blogs to find the link takes you nowhere presumably because the person has ceased to blog or has changed to a different provider.

On a slightly different note I can report that my son has done some test recording and it looks very much as if the 'talking book' version of 'A Bang or a Whimper'could very soon become a reality. I will keep you updated dear reader.

Well a busy week ahead with Local Preachers tomorrow evening, preparation for a special celebration service I am leading on Sunday and catering for an 80th birthday party where there will be 80 guests as well as doing a full time job


Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Please don't cut my blog from your list. I'm catching you up with hits having recently reache the 2000 for Uk.

Fat Prophet said...

you are perfectly safe young man

Gerry said...

dear Fat Prophet,
I,m a friend of Bob the black country brummie, I.m writeing
to ask you to pray for Bob as he
has had a fall and is in hospital.

Methodist Preacher said...

Gerry, tell Bob that Methodist Preacher will send a prayer heavenwards as well. Tell Bob I also had a fall today but fortunately don't need treatment. But it is one hell of a shock.

Fat Prophet said...

Hi Gerry will certainly put a word in for Bob - sorry to hear this news perhaps you could keep us posted on how he is

Gerry said...

Hi. Fat Prophet, Bob is now out
of Hospital, but is going back
for treatment today,
He thanks you and Methodist Preacher for your concern and
Prayers and will be blogging soon.
I also thank you both, as a Baptist
I so beleve in the power of prayer
and the boss will do what he thinks

Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

Thank you all see blog later