Friday, 7 August 2009

Vestry Prayer ordinary 19 year B

Good morning folks - thank you to Florence who commented on how useful she finds these prayers. I am pleased they are being used in a slightly wider sphere than my own circuit.
One small plea before I post this week's prayer is if like Florence you make a comment could you just say where in the world you come from as I note people are reaching me through google quite often from all sorts of interesting places.
Any way here is this weeks prayer:-
Ordinary 19.
Readings: John 6 v 35 + 41 - 51; Psalm 130;
Eph 4 v 25 - 5 v 2; 2 Sam 18 v 5 - 33;

Lord God, creator of all, giver of life we thank you for your love which took you all the way to death on the cross of Calvary.
We thank you that your sacrifice enables us to gather today and that by your Grace we can enter in to a new relationship with God the Father.
We pray for your servant N as they lead our worship and bring your word, help them in this task and in all they do for you. In Jesus name we ask. Amen.

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