Sunday, 2 August 2009

Borth Beach Mission

A new visitor to the blog asked me if the reason I was late posting the vestry prayer was because I was in Borth at the Beach Mission - Hill_Topper must know me quite well to know that I might have been in Borth especially last week.
It was with some regret that the committee felt it would not be viable to run the mission this year due to a number of circumstances that seemed to be almost conspiring against us.
We have been fortunate for the last few years on two counts firstly a mystery benefactor has funded the mission which has meant we did not have to worry about fund raising too much - secondly we have had the advantage of staying in a delightful house on the beach side of the main street.
We have had difficulties with both these things this year - the benefactor did not give anything last year which means we had very little left in the bank and not a lot of time to try to raise the money especially given the current economic climate and secondly we could not get the house this year which would have meant going back to caravans and having two which would have more than doubled the cost of this aspect. We also found out quite late that at least on member of the team would not be able to come and another was doubtful which meant we would have had some difficulty finding replacements.
We will be thinking very soon about next year and looking at plans to raise some funds as well as recruiting new team members where appropriate and would value the prayers of our readers and if any feel they would like to contribute financially please let me know.
I am having some difficulties with the beach mission website as well because it will not let me update it to give people information, however if you want to get a flavour for what we do that would be the place to look.


Methodist Preacher said...

The work continues FP. My daughter has joined a Scripture Union sponsored beach mission in Cornwall. It runs for a fortnight and will be concluded on Friday 14.They appreciate prayer!

As to fundraising - you can put a fundraising box on the blog. Dave Warnock did it for a cycle ride he did. I'm sure he'd help you sort out the technical side.

We could sponsor you for something - why not a "less Fat Phrophet"? £1 per 1lb you loose between now and Christmas!

Fat Prophet said...

Thanks MP good to hear about your daughters involvement in a beach mission.
Thanks too for the suggestion about fundraising - I will certainly look into it and will give the sponsorship a thought.
the difficulty in reality is that a weeks mission over the last three years has cost in excess of £1500 so it is quite a large sum to try to raise.