Monday, 29 June 2009

Vestry Prayers

I have been looking at the statistics for this blog and note that many of my visitors arrive here after looking for vestry prayers. There was a comment posted yesterday on one of my earlier prayers indicating that the person was disappointed that I had stopped posting them.
I didn't post any for this year because I thought people might by my book and I have to say thank you to the twelve people who have - I really do hope you are finding it a useful resource - a number of the churches in our circuit use it in the less glossy format (the original version was totally self published)and I am always amazed how good the prayers come over when read by stewards.
In view of the apparent demand I have decided to start posting prayers again and hope to continue doing so each week - it would be helpful to get some feedback occasionally so if you are using these prayers you might consider just making a comment.


Bob the Black Country Brummie said...

I don't know about using them, that's not quite me but I like the concept and they are a good read.
Bob the Black Country Brummie

Fat Prophet said...

Thanks for the comments Bob - I started writing these prayers originally because I felt all the existing books of prayers for use in the vestry before church services were a little old fashioned. I have had quite a few positive comments while posting them and thought it might be time to start again as there were obviously people looking for this type of thing.
It is also quite encouraging to think that while they may not be something you would use, you appreciate the concept and perhaps the style they are written in.