Friday, 19 June 2009

Local Preachers Meeting - great!!

Now that's probably not a comment that readers will have expected as some of you will know that often Local Preachers meetings like other church meetings can be a little tedious. Well last nights meeting in our circuit was not at all tedious and I will tell you a little more if you want to read on.
We had invited our worship leaders and readers to this meeting which was our annual communion service and when we had discussed this we had agreed to invite Keith Rothery who is a former National Advocate of Leaders of Worship and Preachers Trust to speak. AS far as I am aware we had not really suggested what he might say but thought he would tell us a little about the work of LWPT and perhaps even his interest in the history of Methodism. He did both but was also in my opinion very inspiring as he shared his thoughts on preaching. He said he was a Woodbine man even though he gave up smoking at 11 years of age but went on to quote Woodbine Willie (G.Studdert Kennedy)saying that his view was as summed up in the hymn Awake,awake to love and work where the writer says 'to give, and give and give again'.
I am sure that many of those present felt suitably refreshed at the end of the meeting and maybe even inspired by the passion with which Keith delivered his message for us leaders of worship.

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