Friday, 15 May 2009

I'm Back!!!

Perhaps you hadn't noticed but I haven't posted for a few days well almost two weeks I think, but I haven't! I am now back and would have to say although I haven't been posting I have been keeping a watch on what has been going on with those blogs I read regularly and I have made the odd comment here and there - although after commenting on Connexions about the Methodist Church Website I was then not able to comment any further so not sure if someone had got to me! (only joking - I'm not really paranoid)

Anyway I was interested to read that Pam BG was encouraging us to be a bit more positive so here is a little something I want to share with readers that I think is encouraging.

I have spent the last few doing all the normal things that many of us do with home, family, work and church (not noted in order of importance by the way) and as well as all the normal stuff it has been both my pleasure and privilege to be assessing Local Preachers study material.

I am really encouraged by what I have seen again in this round of connexional assessment with some really good work, some very good sermons and excellent prayers that I would feel very comfortable using myself. I have as is normally the case found some thought provoking and interesting stuff among the submissions and there were some very good Mediations written by our Local Preachers in Training (on trial for the initiated).

I sensed there was a great deal of potential among the students whose work I have assessed and believe this augurs well for the future of Local Preaching in those circuits represented by the work I have seen.

I would just say to any On Trial Local Preachers to keep up the good work and I look forward to reading in the Methodist Recorder that all those I have assessed this last week or so have been accepted as fully accredited Local Preachers

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