Wednesday, 20 May 2009

European Elections

This is most unusual a further post with a political theme. I was watching TV yesterday evening and there was an election broadcast on behalf of the Christian Party and I have to say I was extremely surprised because I had never heard of them and yet they have been around a few years.
I have had a look round their website and I was thinking that as someone who is pretty disillusioned with the other parties that this may be a reasonable alternative to some of the other smaller parties. In a conversation the other day someone said to me they were thinking of voting for a particular fringe party as a protest vote against the other parties - the trouble was they said is the party was a little right wing and wasn't really an ideal party to vote for.
I wonder if the Christian Party might be a viable alternative for those people who wish to vote but don't really want to vote for some of the other smaller parties. I would be interested to hear what readers think about this given that the party has candidates in all parts of the country according to their website.

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