Thursday, 16 April 2009


Yes folks that's what I am doing - thinking! Now you may be tempted to ask what I am thinking or conversely you might not be interested at all.
For those who are interested I am thinking I should write something deep and meaningful or then again perhaps I should write something really controversial! Perhaps I should take up one of the themes being discussed on other blogs - is/was the resurrection real? (see connexions) Now there's a really interesting topic that might be worth a look at, or perhaps I should have a look at the evils of gambling but then perhaps not as Methodist Preacher is covering that. Perhaps I could comment on something in the Methodist Recorder which is usually here by now but due to school holidays will probably not arrive until mid morning - I may return to this one as there were a couple of things in last week's edition that I found quite interesting. Not sure that can happen two weeks running though -generally the most interesting items are the letters page and the advertisements.
Perhaps I could just sit her and write some absolute drivel - whoops!! that's what I've just done. O well better go now as it's almost time to go to work where no doubt there will lots to do as usual.


Methodist Preacher said...

Thanks for the plug. I'm following up on a number of issues about the Gambling Commission, supposedly the "regulator" of the so called gambling "industry".

Gradually I'm uncovering some interesting things. There is quite a lot in the pipeline so keep visiting.

By the way, its it time you learnt to link your posts directly, take a look at the little handcuffs on your task bar. Your son will show you, if not Dave Warnock will talk you through it.


Fat Prophet said...

Now that sounds a little technical to me - links, handcuffs, steady now I nearly got quite excited there at the thought of learning a new skill.
Seriously though I will certainly have a look at that as it may well prove useful.