Friday, 17 April 2009

Still thinking!

Yes folks I am still thinking! I did look at the Methodist Recorder but there was nothing there that really grabbed me, although I do have to admit to being a little annoyed each month when we get an 8 page supplement about Alpha and Holy Trinity Brompton which reduces the actual pages of the recorder by 8 pages. I tend to think this is a little bit of a rip off - bad enough the Recorder costs £1-50 for 24 pages which works out at 6.25 pence per page but effectively this goes up to almost 10p per page when the supplement is included.
On a totally different topic I am reading the latest book by Jeff Lucas - 'Lucas Unleashed' which is Wesley Owen's Book of the Month so look out for a review when I have finished.
And on another totally different topic Methodist Preacher commented on my last post and suggested I should use some handcuffs to put links in my posts - it sounded like and interesting concept so I thought I would give it a go!
Check out Methodist Preachers item about cleaning the church


DaveH said...

I love Jeff Lucas' style, not always deep in content but enough to make you rethink a topic in a different way!

I would recomend, if you haven't read it already, Helen Sloans Diary by Jeff Lucas. A great read!

Fat Prophet said...

Thanks Dave I have not come across that one- sounds a bit like the Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass. Will have a look for it.