Monday, 16 March 2009

Update on Update

Well I've had the minutes of the LP Meeting and they didn't sack me in my absence! I am feeling much better than I was so back to work today which shouldn't be too bad because I have Wednesday to Friday off as holiday because my wife is having her last three days. It is unfortunate that our holiday years are different - mine is calendar and hers is financial year. We have decided to plan a little better this year to get the best out of both systems.
May not blog till later in the week as I will be doing some preparation for a Bible study I am leading tomorrow night at our home church.

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Methodist Preacher said...

Well at least it didn't contain the old TU joke which in a methodist context would read:

"The superintendent proposed that the meeting sends it best wishes to Mr Southall for an early recovery and return to service. This was carried by 6 votes to 5 with seven abstentions."