Saturday, 21 March 2009

Early Post

I can not work it out it's Saturday and our post person arrived at 7-30 a.m - at least three days in the week it has been lunchtime when the post has come. We had a number of items of post today including a letter from Unison about our pay negotiations and ICHTHUS magazine. I glanced through it while I was eating my breakfast and noticed that the LWPT website has been updated - it is well worth a look at and there are one or two useful resources on there.
Later in the morning we had a ride to Ludlow where neither my wife or I had been before. We had a walk around the town before going off down Broad Street where we came across Wesley's Cafe based in the Ludlow Methodist Church - as it was lunchtime we decided to go in and give it a try. We were not disappointed!! I quite fancied soup and a roll but it was carrot and coriander and I have never had that and didn't really want to order it in case I didn't like it. My wife had never had this soup before either so we were both a bit doubtful. The lady who was serving went to check what was in the soup as I have an allergy to tomato and brought us back a small sample to try - we both liked the taste so went for it and thoroughly enjoyed it. We also had a sandwich each and these were served with crisps and salad and looked very nice. The taste and quality of the sandwiches matched the presentation and we followed this up with a pot of tea for two and got four cups of tea. If we visit Ludlow again we will certainly head for Wesley's Cafe and would recommend it to any readers who may visit the town.

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