Friday, 13 March 2009

Shock, Horror, No Preachers Meeting

Here I am Local Preachers secretary and I didn't make the preachers meeting tonight - perhaps they will have sacked me while I was missing!! I had come from work with a severe case of wind and did eat a little tea but felt quite 'iffy'. About 7p.m. I went to the toilet and became involved in projectile vomiting and another problem I can't spell! (I can really but you don't want to hear it hear. In between projections I asked my wife to ring a few people to see if she could let them know I wouldn't be going but no one was at home - hope they got the message!
My wife says I have the bug that is going round and I am not going to work tomorrow - trust me if I feel as rough as I do now there is no chance of that.


DaveW said...

Too much info!!!

DaveW said...

Despite the too much info hope you are feeling much better soon.

Paul Martin said...

Get well!