Saturday, 7 March 2009

Great Day

It's been an interesting day today! we started off by going to coffee morning at our church and then returning home mid morning to start preparing a buffet for 70 people. We then took the buffet to the church at Smethwick where there was a meeting of the Gospel Ministries Trust and as I was unloading the food my friend Alan came up and said 'by the way you are playing the piano this afternoon as well as tonight. The meeting this afternoon was about the work of gospel ministries trust and their chairman Haden Wood spoke and encouraged us to think about the moment we gave our hearts to Jesus and also to think about some different ways of doing evangelism. The tea went down very well although there were not the number we had catered for present so it didn't all get eaten.
This evening the speaker was David Kelso and again his message was very much about evangelism and sharing with our neighbours.
I then cam home and looked at 42's blog to find 21 ways to liven up a local preachers meeting - well worth a look at and I may even be tempted to take it to our meeting this week!!

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