Saturday, 20 September 2008

What a week!

It all started last Saturday when I went to our Synod at Stafford and I am happy to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the day - the focus was on youth work and featured a magazine style session with films from a number of youth activities as well as interviews with some young people and the Chairman of the District (not sure about his youth!). In the afternoon there was a variety of session and I went to one called 'The Vine Project' where we did a mini versions of a youth project in Stafford called 'The Vine' It was very interesting. I took two folk from our circuit and they really enjoyed the days as well and it was good to hear that work among young people is alive and well across the district.
On Sunday I was at our own church leading the Harvest Festival service and I used a clip from Christian Aid about farmers in Burkina Faso as well as using power point for the words and preaching a sermon I had not taken with me - I really felt it was not the right word for the day. It would be true to say I let go and let God!
On Monday we had our Harvest Supper and Entertainment provided by The Spanners (Three guys from our church) We sang a variety of songs ranging from Maxwell's Silver Hammer through Jamaica Farewell and Seven Little Girls Sitting in the Back Seat (Our minister's sons apparently found this song very amusing)
On Tuesday night we went to sort the church out as we only have one room that we use both for church and social activities.I had a night off on Wednesday but then on Thursday it was our Circuit Meeting at which the re-invitation of our Superintendent was on the agenda. I am not sure I am comfortable with the process but thankfully the meeting voted for him to stay for a further five years by a good margin which will give us some stability in what are uncertain times for many people.
Last night we had a planning meeting for a joint service we are leading at our local Anglican church tomorrow night and I have to say it started off like walking through treacle, until somebody suddenly had an idea and the rest was fairly easy as they say.
Today I have done very little as tomorrow I am playing the organ in the morning at my home church and then the piano on the evening at the joint service so my day of rest has been today rather than the seventh day.

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