Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Late again!

I have been following with some interest on other blogs about the suggestions of 10 commandments for bloggers (presumably Christian bloggers). I am not sure why there is a need for this type of thing other than the fact that we are all human and can all slip into doing and saying things that perhaps we shouldn't.
I found a couple of them quite interesting - the one about not stealing somebody else's topic made me think as I had thought that important topics would probably spread better if taken up by a number of bloggers - I am not sure some of the people whose blogs I read and comment on read my blog and likewise there may be people who read my blog that don't read other blogs, even those I link to. Methodist Preacher has an item on his blog about praying for the current economic situation and I believe this to be an important thing to do especially as I work in social housing and have done for the last 26 years, but I would be concerned about doing a similar post if this commandment were in place. I realise copying some of the sermons that appear on blogs would not be acceptable but it really does seem to me to be about using some of that wonderful thing called common sense.
The other one and I have to say I was guilty of this when I first started blogging was being jealous when someone else seemed to get better response to something I had blogged about than I did. I don't bother about this now as I really do think it is good if I have posted something that others wish to comment on but equally if I get none so be it.
I suspect this topic will be around for a few days but even if a suitable ten commandments existed for blogging how would you get people to sign up to and who would police it? I also think that there would be some bloggers who do not subscribe to the views of the EA and would consequently not wish to sign up even voluntarily to a code of conduct produced by them.

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Methodist Preacher said...

I would have liked more on the Methodist blogshere about the current economic situation. Sadly I feel that we are so out of touch that it hasn't sinked in how serious the issue is - not a good witness.

I sell my skills in a suddenly very difficult market - last year I was getting two or three calls a week for new work, sometimes that many in a day. Now the calls have dried up, rates are clearly coming down "could you be more flexible?" is the polite way to ask for a cut?) and there's a lot more competition as newly redundent workers undercut.

It is not feeling very good at all and the situation has been worsening since the early summer. Somehow this hasn't been picked up elsewhere. I would have been delighted if other Methodist bloggers, some with far bigger readerships than me, had picked up the issue.