Thursday, 21 August 2008

Vestry Prayer Book Latest News!

The book of Vestry Prayers has arrived from the printer's today and I am very impressed with the quality of the product. I think the price of £4.99 is fair and I will tomorrow post a copy to myself so I can see what the postage is to give a proper price. I ordered six books initially but will probably place a bigger order with the intention of taking some to our district synod in September to see if I can get a feel for whether it might be worth widening the availability. I will look also at allowing customers to purchase direct from the publisher and at being able to download for friends in such far flung places as South Africa.
My son said something along the lines of I wouldn't be selling many as I am putting one on the blog each week, but these are written each week using the same method I did for the prayers in the book - I look at the lectionary readings and suggested hymns in a number of sources and compose the prayer using the thoughts from the various things I have looked at.
In the book there is a prayer for each Sunday in the lectionary year but not for the extra Sundays such as MHA and NCH on the basis that these sorts of organisation often produce their own material.

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