Monday, 18 August 2008

Book of Vestry Prayers

Following on from my previous post and the comment From Steve Jones in South Africa I thought I should post again relating to this book.
The original book was done completely from start to finish by me using a local office supplies company for the printing and then I cut the pages down to A5 and used plastic slides for the binding of them. I produced 50 copies and gave one to each of our local preachers and one to each church in the circuit - while the cost was reasonable there was a lot of work involved in the production process and I decided not to go any further with it at the time.
Two years on and encouraged by the fact that the book is being used quite regularly in our circuit I thought there may be other people and places where the book could be a useful thing for them to have. I was also encouraged by the fact that a number of people check the prayers I have been putting on the blog each week.
I have found a self publishing company through a magazine I read and last week ordered six copies of the book to see what it would look like produced 'professionally' with the thought of taking it to our district synod in September to see if there would be any interest. I also thought it might be worth putting something on the blog about it again to test the water so to speak.
I have to say that the production cost using this method is probably a little higher but I am hoping when I receive the order that they will be a far better product and will be attractive to people who may wish to have a selection of vestry prayers. I would have to fund the printing of any quantity initially and that is part of the reason for testing the water - the project is not about making money but more about providing what may be a useful resource for others at a reasonable cost and covering my initial outlay - there is a possibility that if I were ordering say 100 copies that the price might come down due to bulk purchase discounts.
At this point in time I have set the book up so that I am the only one who can purchase it but may well open it out to anyone being able to purchase and there is a facility to enable downloads of copies direct from the publisher and again this is certainly a method I will consider using once I have seen the book 'in print' and been able to satisfy myself with the quality of the product.
I am hoping to receive the book in the next few days so watch this space for more news!!

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