Sunday, 15 June 2008

Where have all the bloggers gone?

To paraphrase the Kingston Trio among others, 'Where have all the bloggers gone?' It seems a little bit like they have all disappeared with blogging being very light at the moment. I was worried today that even Richard Hall over at Connexions not having posted a hymn for the day earlier today and then I realised he went to see Bruce Springsteen last night so may have had a late night/early morning. I am glad to see he has now posted a hymn and await his comments on the concert, especially as he reminded us he was going yesterday.
It has been that bad this week I have taken to clicking on the next blog option to find something to read - some very strange stuff out there - but then I suppose there is on the Methodist and other Christian blogs as well.
I hope normal service resumes fairly soon or I might have to take up gardening or cooking to use my new found knowledge


Mr John Cooper said...

Not so good to hear blogging feels light at the moment. I'm on the up at the moment so if you wish to prod it towards readability do suggest away!

With Regards


Richard Hall said...

Sorry to have let you down, FP. As you guessed, Mr Springsteen's little musical soiree kept me from blogging on Saturday - I was fit to drop when we back to our friends' house in Cardiff afterwards - and didn't return to swansea until just in time for the morning service on Sunday. (I left my sermon & order of service behind, such was the rush). But I've posted a response to the concert now if you're interested...