Monday, 16 June 2008

Where have all the bloggers gone (2)

My previous post received a response from John Cooper whose blog I used to check quite regularly and then he seemed to stop blogging for a time and had consequently disappeared off my radar. I have just checked him out following his comment and he is blogging almost daily and there is some good stuff there so give him a try if like me you are missing the usual crowd such as '42', 'Turbulent Cleric' 'Methodist Preacher', and others.
I am not sure if this will come up as a link but you can always type it into the address bar and I will add it to my list of people whose blogs I read.


Methodist Preacher said...

Nice to know someone misses these blogs! I've had a combination of domestic pressure (A levels, sister back from Africa, birthday), commercial pressure (I actually was working on Sunday afternoon and evening when I should have been blogging)and just about everything else! Such has been the pressure in recent weeks that I completely forgot a preaching appointment! But I will be back very soon. I may even go up to conference for a couple of days.

Doorman-Priest said...

You are right F.P.

Is the because the lovely summer weather is leading us all into the delights of the outdoors?

No, me neither!