Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Carols for cadets (3)

A comment on my previous blog struck a chord as we had the same conversation at work this afternoon - about youngsters not knowing the carols like we did when we were young. It was interesting on Monday when we sand the 'angel Gabriel' because the vicar decided we would teach them it a line at a time and I have to say they responded very well to this and then sang the rest of the carol with a great amount of gusto.
Dave H is also right about not hearing carols on the radio or in shops these days it does indeed seem to be all the secular songs and while i like them it would be good to get some carols as well. He mentioned one song and I have been tempted to use this as my text on Christmas Day at my home church. 'And so this is Christmas and what have we done?' It has been mulling round in my mind for a few days now and could well end up being used for the Christmas Day sermon (short I promise).
I haven't commented on Methodist Preachers blog about Hark the herald angels sing, but I have to say I get very annoyed when people change the words to old hymns - I often get a poke in the ribs from my wife because I tend to sing the words I know which of course are not always the ones in the book - To God be the Glory is a hymn this always happens in especially the last verse because I always sing rapture and in some books it says transport.
Perhaps we should have a campaign - leave our old hymns alone!!

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Methodist Preacher said...

Glad the Cadet carol serive went well.

I agree that we should "leave the old hymns alone".

I take your point about the changes in "To God Be the Glory" (H&P 463).

The one that really irritates me is the change in the third line of the second verse:

"The vilest offender who truly believes, that moment from Jesus a pardon recieves"


"And every offender who truly believes...etc"

Somehow the "viliest offender" includes me and feels personal. "Every" offender feels very general and very diluted.